It was a lovely tour of ancient sites in 60 degree weather and mostly sunny days. Lots of stone circles, dolmans, cairns, beehive huts, ring forts, sacred wells, sheela-na-gigs, ogham stones, fairy trees, and the occasional pub
Ireland wasn't all ancient sites. We also spent some time in this 2002 classic.

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Phil & Sharon's Trip to Ireland
August, 2006
(text by Phil)

We'd heard that traditional life on the Aran Islands was tough. It was made plain in the classic documentary MAN OF ARAN the struggle people went through to survive.

So, when we went to Inishmore, to visit Dun Angus and other sites (we did go there and we even saw a welcoming ceremony/baptism at a holy well, which we were invited into and made a part of) we did not expect to learn that a dog's life on Aran is sweet, and chauffered.