South Pacific 2
South Pacific 3

Two Days in Hong Kong to Adapt to the Time Zone Change
During the Chinese New Year - Traffic was light
It took about 18 hours to get there from Houston
This is a sampling. For more trip photos go to Marc's Picassa site

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, looking north on Hong Kong Island. Talk about dense. It is all skyscrapers.
You can barely make out the mainland part called Kowloon across the harbor.

The fireworks for the New Year were awesome. There were about 1/2 million people on the shore overlooking the harbor.
Since it was 2008. They did some figure 8's

This trip was part work and part vacation. Marc had been traveling to all of the ConocoPhillips exploration offices around the world to teach a course. This trip included the offices in Jakarta and Perth. We decided the best place to do the time zone transition was Hong Kong. From there it was only about a four hour plane ride to Jakarta, south of the equator, for the next leg of the trip.

From Jakarta we went to Perth and from there started our vacation in Sydney and a number of places in New Zealand. Overall it took a month and we flew over 23,000 miles.

We made one of our trips to the the top of The Peak on this cog railway.

I took the opportunity for a free Tai Chi class overlooking the city. This was not Helene's thing of course.

From the ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui looking south toward Hong Kong Island

I don't know if this was a New Year thing, but a number of the buildings had cool designs at night.

Next Stop Jakarta|
Pictures by Helene, since Marc was teaching the entire time
We only spent four days here to allow more time in New Zealand.

Cow statue in front of National Museum

In most places the sidewalks were completely taken over by street vendors

A sailor (fisherman?) at the Jakarta seaport

One of the buildings in the center showcasing the many cultures of Indonesia

Most evenings they played this instrument (gamalon?) at our hotel.