Helene & Marc Went to Kauai, Hawaii to
Celebrate the Wedding of a Friend's Daughter
November, 2008
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Marnie & Mayan (who is a native Hawaiian) got married overlooking the ocean. One of the guests thought it was cool to blow bubbles.

That's us in our native garb

There were flowers everywhere. This hibiscus was large and dramatic.

We were on our way to see the scenic wonders of Kauai and could not figure out why there would be a traffic light here

Just one of many spectacular views of Waimea Canyon - second only to Grand Canyon. All of the rocks are basalt a volcanic rock. Kauai is only 5-6 million years old.

A side canyon leading to the ocean on the west

We are about 4000' above sea level on the west side of Kauai. We will see this view from the water later.

On a catamaran with the wedding party and friends to see the rugged western coast of Kauai from the ocean

We had a spinner dolphin escort for some of the way. These do not live in captivity.

The weather was great and the Na'Pali (means cliffs) Coast was dramatic.

This is one of those steep valleys seen from the top earlier. Apparently a large village (hundreds) of early Hawaiians once lived here.

We did a hike on the south coast near where we were staying - Po'ipu Beach. It was rugged with steep cliffs and with large sections of sandy beach.

Since we had some rainy days we also had some gorgeous sunsets.

Kileaua Lighthouse and Nature Preserve on the north shore was one more spectacular area, but with lots of birds.

South Pacific was filmed at what is now Limahuli Botanic Garden. This is the peak called Bali Hai