Elyse's description of her trip.
I was one of 24 women from all over the country selected to be part of this Mission. It was paid for by Hadassah. The Mission was the Young Women Young Leader's Mission. First we all met in NYC at LaGuardia airport. We flew directly to Poland. As soon as we landed, we immediately began touring. Our first day in Poland, we toured Warsaw in the cold and rain. Later that day we took a 3 hr. train ride to Krakow. The next day we toured the city of Krakow and then the concentration camps. After a few brief hrs of sleep, we then travelled back to Warsaw (5 hr. bus ride) to fly to Israel. The trip was a whirlwind. We didn't stop moving. We spent 8 days in Israel. The purpose of the trip was to visit the various projects that Hadassah supports. We visited the two Hadassah hospitals, Ein Kerem and Mt. Scopus. We got to visit with doctors, see the Chagall windows, visit with the neonatal intensive care unit, the emergency room, and inpatient care center for children with cancer. We also visited with the Hadassah College of Jerusalem, Meir Shfeya Youth Aliyah village (youth at risk)and the Young Judaen Youth Hostel (children from the United States who live in Israel for a year). We planted trees in the Beira Forest in the North ( near Szfat). I actually could see Lebanon from where we were. The forest was completely destroyed from the war this summer. We visited a bomb shelter in Haifa. We saw a lot of damage again from the war this summer. We had some fun at Masada and the Dead Sea. We visited the home of a Holocaust survivor who now lives in Israel. We visited Yad Vashem, Mt. Hertzel, and Henrietta Szold's grave (founder of Hadassah).

Elyse at the Valley of the Communities at Yad Vashem

Elyse visited Israel & Poland with the Hadassah
November 5-15, 2006 - Israel Photos















Entrance to the children's museum at Yad Vashem. The pillars represent the broken lives of all the children who died in the holocaust

Statue of the man who opened an orphanage for all of those chidren left homeless after the war. Also at Yad Vashem

In the market before shabbat, me eating my first falafal

On a walking tour of the Old City on Shabbat

Cable car that goes up to the top of Masada

With a friend floating in the Dead Sea

Planting a tree in the forest

Me and another friend with children at the Hadassah Youth Aliyah Village

On top of Mt. Scopus where we visited Henrietta Szold's grave

In the Cardo with some Israeli soldiers