Amedeo Turns One
October, 2007

A note from Jenn:

Hi Everyone! What a year this has been! Amedeo is doing AWESOME! I guess I always say that, but it's TRUE! He's trying so hard to talk to us. He says "book" and "up" and "hello" and "baby". He tries to make us laugh. He knows a few signs, and can tell us when he wants milk, or when he's finished eating. He's not walking yet, but he gets where he wants to go. And the eating situation is insane. Tonight he ate pasta al forno, foccacia, italian pears and cookies. For dinner. You should have seen lunch! He always wants more! The moral of the story, I guess, is that we are all happy and healthy! It's been a wonderful first year! We hope you are all well! We love you all! Jenn, Mike and Amedeo XOXOXO

Who is that guy in the mirror?

Takin' some guitar lessons from Dad

Dressed up and ready to go

Three Generations