I have read in our local newspaper's techi column that web crawlers search web pages for email addresses for mass emailings.
Thus I have altered the listings for our family and removed the links to make them less vulnerable.

Name E-mail Location
Reesa Beggs rlbeggs_at_gmail.com Colorado Springs , CO
Joe Beggs


Colorado Springs , CO
Neil Beggs x_it140bpm_at_yahoo.com Colorado Springs , CO
Bryan Bertucci bbertucci_at_hotmail.com Scottsdale, AZ
Rachel Bertucci rsbertucci_at_hotmail.com Scottsdale, AZ
Riel Bilto luvblades_at_aol.com Parlin, NJ
Nancy Cronig nancy.cronig_at_verizon.net Santa Monica, CA
Amy Friedrich aimr26_at_comcast.net King of Prussia, PA
Anita Grow anitatoby_at_hotmail.com Fairway, KS
Jon Scheinman jscheinman_at_kumc.org Fairway, KS
Adeline Jasper c/o Neil Jasper neil7753_at_hotmail.com Syracuse, NY
Jerry Koperstein jlkatgetcpa_at_aol.com Philadelphia, PA
Ben Leace bleace_at_comcast.net Lafayette Hills, PA
Elyse Leace elyse_at_leacekapres.com Lafayette Hills, PA
Florence Leace floleace_at_verizon.net Marlton, NJ
Alec Rogers alecrogers_at_yahoo.com Bethesda, MD
Sonya Sbar sonya.sbar.wg95_at_wharton.upenn.edu   Bethesda, MD
Ben Rosenblum DrBen4kids_at_comcast.net Voorhees, NJ
Mindy Rosenblum Chezmindy_at_aol.com Voorhees, NJ
Albert Sbar asbar_at_comcast.net Marlton, NJ
Alan Sbar adsbar_at_comcast.net Manitowoc, WI
Evelyn Sbar evelynsbar_at_comcast.net Manitowoc, WI
Eric Ian Sbar eisbar2_at_comcast.net Bala Cynwyd, PA
Eric Michael Sbar eric_at_sbario.com Temple City , CA
Missy Sbar missymcdee82_at_yahoo.com Temple City, CA
Larry Sbar lsbar_at_aol.com Houston, TX
Sandy Hartmann sandyhartmann_at_aol.com Houston, TX
Marc Sbar marc-sbar_at_comcast.net Sugar Land, TX
Helene Sbar hsbar_at_comcast.net Sugar Land, TX
Nathaniel Sbar natsbar_at_gmail.com Monterey, CA
Jennifer Sbar trueathenianblue_at_yahoo.com Monterey, CA
Lois Sbar lsbar_at_charter.net Northfield, MN
Neil Sbar sbar_at_charter.net Northfield, MN
Rob Sbar rob_at_rob-sbar.com New York, NY
Phil Sbar sbarlawfirm_at_att.net Collingswood, NJ
Steven Sbar sbar_at_comcast.net Philadelphia, PA
Yashua Sbar ysbar_at_sbcglobal.net Houston, TX
Mike Speziale mikespeziale_at_yahoo.ca Toronto, ONT
Jennifer Speziale jennspeziale_at_yahoo.com Toronto, ONT
John Stevens johnstevens8_at_comcast.net Cinnaminson, NJ
Shelley, John, Aaron Stevens johnshelleyaaron_at_comcast.net Cinnaminson, NJ
Joanna Smith jesmith1702_at_gmail.com Colorado Springs, CO
Darrell Smith icncc1701_at_q.com Colorado Springs, CO
Todd Stubblebine tstubblebine_at_gmail.com Iraq email
Debbie Stubblebine stubblebine1_at_comcast.net Parker, CO

You will have to type the addresses yourselves.

If you have any people or e-mail addresses to add to this list please contact me at: