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Eulogy for my brother by Mitchell Cronig.


I want to apologize for not reading this myself. I know I would be incapable of getting through it with all of you here. Even though you won't hear it with my own sense of supreme comic timing, it should still give you some idea of who my brother really was.

Life can be so very, very painful at times, especially when it doesn't go according to plan. The plan was that all four of us siblings, would keep loving, irritating, joking, and fighting with each other, until old age. That at the least, we would all be together for every major family event. Now I know this isn't how it's going to be. One quarter of us, or more accurately given Marc's size, one half of us, won't ever be there again.

For many people, life comes easy. It moves like a gently flowing river from birth to death. That wasn't the case with my brother Marc. For what ever reason, life was at times a struggle for him. But still he managed to make his own way. He made a living, he paid his bills (usually), and he touched the hearts of a lot of people along the way. At the hospital, I told the attending nurse that he had to save my brother. That if he did, he would find him to be the life of the ICU. That the person inside Marc wasn't what you would expect from his outward appearance. I told him that if Marc came around, he'd have them all in stitches (ha, ha). Sadly, they never got a chance to really meet him.

Marc kept his life with friends mostly separate from his family life. This is unfortunate, as I know any friend of Marc's would be a friend of mine. Therefore I'm sorry to say that I don't know most of you. If anything, all I know is your first name. You were Bobby, or Kevin, or Bruce, or John, or Elissa, but even if I have never met you, Marc loved you, so I love you too. Thank you all for everything you did for my brother. Thank you for being his friend. Thank you for feeding his cat. Thank you for all the silly e-mail jokes you sent him. Thank you even for the right wing diatribes you e-mailed him. Thank you for the ride to the VA, or the lift home after he dropped his car off for repair at Pro Care. Thank you for fixing his car at Pro Care (all too often). Why did he ever buy it? If I'd known how much trouble that old Taurus would be, I would never have sold it to him. Above all, thank you for helping him grow into the better person he had become.

With some people, you can easily judge their life. There are great accomplishments and achievements. Businesses founded, wealth amassed. There is a legacy of children. My brother had none of these. What he did have was a wealth of relationships. He was a friend to everyone. Strangers come up and tell me what a good guy he was, how much they always enjoyed talking to him. He leaves behind the memory of his good nature and his boundless sense of humor. I watched the relationship between Marc and my wife Lisa become that of a brother and sister. They loved each other. Even when relationships were strained, he strived to be a good brother to his siblings. I watched him shift from my mother's helpless dependent, to a rock of her life. But most of all, he was the "Uncle Buck" to my Arielle and Jeremy; the silly, goofy, fun and sometimes annoying uncle. He was also the uncle who would have lain down his life for them without a second thought. How would I judge my brothers life? My brother Marc lived a worthy life, an all too short but worthy life. I loved him more than he ever knew, and I will miss him forever.