The Thelma & Albert Sbar Family descended on Lake Tahoe this Year.
We arrived on Saturday, July 13, 2002 and most of us
stayed until Friday.
This was the largest group that has ever gone on one of these trips.
Sadly Thelma had a fall that prevented Albert & her from attending.
Both were sorely missed, however, it was still great to see all of the family again.
What was special about this trip were the three new additions:
Alayna, Emma and Kyler - representing the next generation.


Those Attending

Neil & Lois
Marc & Helene
Reesa & Joe
Sonya & Alec
Rachel & Bryan
Jenn & Mike
Alan, Evelyn & Alayna
Todd, Debbie, Emma & Kyler
Nathaniel & Laura

Thanks to Nancy, Reesa, Joe & Helene for pictures.

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