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Mordacai & Fagie Preissman

Early Family Tree ~1750-1860
Lazar Baer & Toba Rifka Preissman
Meyer & Malcah Sbar
Max & Esther Sbar Mordacai & Fagie Preissman Tree~1830 -1900
Emanuel & Reba Sbar
Joseph & Leonore Sbar
Albert & Thelma Sbar Max & Esther Sbar Tree~1900-present
Nathan & Zelda Koperstein    
David & Florence Leace
Lawrence Sbar & Sandy Hartman    
Neil & Lois Sbar
Marc & Helene Sbar
Joseph & Reesa Beggs
Many of the above have photos associated. The plan is to eventually have photos with all. Those families that did not fit on one page have individual trees for their children. There are links from the summary family trees to the individual trees and vice-versa. All of the family trees on this page are links, so click to see more.